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Kuakata Sea Beach

Kuakata Kuakata Kuakata

Situated: 390 Km away from Dhaka city, a 30km length and 6 km breadth beach named kuakata is one of the rarest place. It is another beautiful sea beach and tourist attraction sight in Bangladesh .

Kuakata has the unique beauty. It is one of the most beautiful natural romantic sea-beach in the world from where one can see both sunrise and sunset from the same spot. At Kuakata, locally known as Sagar Kannya (Girl of Sea) you will find an excellent combination of natural beauty, sandy beach, blue sky and evergreen forest. The coconut trees of the seashore create unforgettable scenery!

Here tourists can enjoy the unique lifestyle of the tribal people known as the Rakhaines. They are friendly and well known for their hospitality. Tourists can also visit a vast Buddhist statue in Misry Para near Kuakata.

Here you will find the statue of Gautam Buddha and two wells of 150 years old at the Buddhist temple. Adventurous people go for fishing on the fishing boat with the local fisherman, even you may try once!

How to go: You can go to Patuakhali by bus or Khepupara by vessel from Dhaka and then you will get bus services to go to Kuakata. Some hotels and motels are available to receive you.

Kuakata   Kuakata